Battlefield 2: Special Forces

Battlefield 2: Special Forces 1.0

Battlefield 2 Special Forces is the expansion pack for Battlefield 2
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Battlefield 2. Special Forces is the expansion pack for Battlefield 2, the modern tactical shooter game developed by DICE and Electronic Arts. This expansion pack offers a total of eight new maps, and it includes a spaceport complete with everything and a launching pad and rocket and gutted-out cities. It also has an airfield, and last but not least -an island.
The major additions to the game included in this plugin are new elements that you are allowed to use and play with that you didn't have access to before. These include the grappling hook, zip line, and flashbang and tear-gas grenades. Special Forces also introduces as a novelty the availability of night-vision goggles. However, these can be used only when the player reaches some night-based levels that are present in the expansion, since they are fully unavailable in daytime missions. Another difference with respect to the original version is that there are fewer tanks and jets and more light vehicles and transports. It is worth-mentioning that the single-player mode is much alike the multiplayer one in terms of gameplay.

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  • New maps
  • Good action


  • Has bugs
  • The single player mode is too similar to the multiplayer one
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